Adele – Someone Like You (Music Video)

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25 Responses to “Adele – Someone Like You (Music Video)”

  1. Gifted360 says:

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  2. cameronj29 says:

    wow….that song is deep…….

  3. KimberlyJBean says:

    I pause this video at 2:18. She is so beautiful!!

  4. ricosolo56 says:

    Oh God I am so addicted to her voice, is so BEAUTIFUL and she is soBEAUTIFUL to I adore you Adele contibue writing this amazing songs

  5. hg3456kj34 says:

    she has perfect face eyes and voice, thats
    what love needs….

  6. at9134 says:

    I love the song, it calls up all those painful, tearing days I’ve been thru… That for me, it isn’t over… We all had that silly moment to think that we can find someone to replace another someone… Causes more pain…

  7. sc12282 says:


  8. sc12282 says:


  9. missHorseCrazy97 says:

    she looks like isla fischer

  10. nattalia bowen says:

    ting shot mi throw in mi hands an gi da artiste yah winings

  11. MiaBiaification says:


  12. yourmaryjanee says:

    adele is my inspration <3
    ican always relate to her songs <3
    she is soooo talented and iwant to be like her when im older<3
    love you adele

  13. AfTerTaXEs1o1 says:

    ……id hate to turn up out of the blue, ininvited but i couldnt stay away, i couldnt fight it, id hope ud see my face and ud be reminded that for me it isnt over…………<3 her!!

  14. TheWahee says:

    had a breakup last week so i understand this song more better now..

  15. sebrina ramsay says:

    tears wonderful voice mum

  16. sebrina ramsay says:

    tears wonderful voice mum

  17. RyanSteffesOfficial says:

    First of all, coldplay is incredible. Adele is a genius and her music and lyrics are truly inspiring. Secondly, I’m commenting because i have a dream. I dream to be a successful recording artist who can share my original music to the world. I don’t want to be an annoying spammer, but if you could please just take a second out of your time to subscribe, or watch my cover, or check out my sound cloud, it would mean the world to me. I really appreciate it. Help a dream.

  18. laayie says:

    This Is Beautiful!!..I have Done My Own Female Rap Version Using A Sample Of Her Voice! ;0) How Could I leave It Out!!..Check It Out You Might Just Like It!…Stay Blessed All..Laayie

  19. mrsjourdain1 says:

    I Love this song.. and I love Adeles voice its so beautiful..

  20. maryabell1 says:

    good job adale

  21. maryabell1 says:

    i love adale she speaks the truth and her songs are you i have a friend and her relationship with her boyfriend matches the song someone like you and rolling in the deep

  22. LaurenProcaccino says:

    I love Adele!!! Check out the video of me singing Someone Like You

  23. Mikster7500 says:

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  24. RichardWiskerFan123 says:

    Just coz she smokes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a fan. Geez

  25. heavenly angel says:

    Adele ,

    your voice is so sweet and touching .

    I like your voice .

    there is a contestant in 2012 Indonesian Idol , named Regina,

    who can also sing the song as well as you .

    Both of you have wonderful voice .

    i wish both of you can meet and sing together one day .

    God bless you